A story of true love on the 75th Anniversary of their marriage.

Once upon a time, a US Navy midshipman went on a double date with his sister’s best friend. Turned out he’d met her on the day she was born, and that night he proposed to her in the rumble seat of an old Ford.

She said no.

“After a while, I changed my mind,” she reported, now 93.

“After a long while,” he replied, now 97.

(Anyone remembering those amazing scenes from “When Harry Met Sally” about now?)

She was peeved when he decided to quit the Navy and go back home. She had loved traveling the world and didn’t relish returning to the matriarchs of the family. Despite that, they did. (He says he regrets making those early family decisions solo, and not allowing her say.) They became involved in their local community, through the family biz, local orgs, churches, etc.

They went into politics. And after politics, they devoted themselves to humanitarian ventures.

And today, they are celebrating the 75th anniversary of their marriage. Which, by the way, is the longest presidential marriage in history. “We’ve just grown closer and closer together,” Mr. Carter said. Their relationship advice? Never go to bed angry. Find shared interests and hobbies (in their case, skiing, bird watching and fly fishing). Enjoy each other.


Happy 75th Anniversary, Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter! 

Though I’ve photographed many weddings, yours took place before I was even a gleam. Still, as a NYC event photographer, I’ve been lucky enough to photograph many familiar faces. Only occasionally have I gotten to be in the presence of two people who have done so much good. There was no resting on the presidential laurels for this couple. I photographed themat a Habitat for Humanity gala, an organization they’ve long supported. Together, they’ve worked wonders in the United States and around the world. 

Life ain’t over until it’s over. And this couple is living it to the fullest!

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